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On every street corner, busstation and airport in Brazil you will find a lanchonete, a mixture of café and bar.

Here you find basics like cold beer, snacks, cigarettes, soft drinks, coffee and sometimes small meals. 
Padarias (bakeries) often have a lanchonete attached, and they're good places for cheap snacks.



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Empadinha is a small pie, which has various fillings (carne, (meat), palmito (palm heart) and camarão (shrimp).



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Bolinhos are fried balls with bacalhau.



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Pastel is a fried, filled, thin pastry.



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Esfiha is a pastry stuffed with spiced meat.



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Risoles are crumbed, halfround pastels.



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Pão de queijo, a savoury cheese snack that goes perfectly with coffee.



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Coxinha is spiced chicken in dough rolled in the form of a pear (coxinha means little thigh) and then fried. A good coxinha must have a rich and tasty filling and must be deep fried in high quality hot oil.


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Quibe is a mix of minced meat, mint and couscous and fried in oil.     recipes  


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    Despite all these salgados that you find at the lanchonete, it might be less easy to find something to go with your beer or caipirinha on a terrace. No tapas, nuts, tortilla chips or salami. You ask for a petisco and maybe they will fry some batatas or mandioca fritas for you. Or bolinhas de bacalhau.