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What to do in Brasil?
If you are out of ideas, read the following suggestions from Lonely Planet:

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The best, the coolest, the funniest things to do in Brazil and off the beaten path?
Well, see the posts here below of the things we are planning to do next week:

  • Top 10 Brazilian beaches Brazil boasts close to 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles) of coastline and more than 2.000 beautiful Atlantic beaches, most of them lying beneath palm trees in the tropics. Including Praia do Cassino (Rio Grande – RS), according Guiness Book of Records the worlds largest beach. To make a top 10 list of the most beautiful Brazilian beaches Though ...
  • Top 10 Brazil Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures No reason to stick to the classic destinations. If you have a little more time to spare on your Brazilian holiday, there is much more to see and do. 1 Ride an Amazon River Steamer If Mark Twain were still around he’d feel right at home on an all-wood triple-decker Amazon riverboat. For everyone else, it’s a ...
  • Top 10 Brazil Classic Adventures 1 Hike Rio’s Hunchback Rio’s most famous landmark is without a doubt the statue of Christ the Redeemer, standing with arms outstretched looking down from the Corcovado at the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. The statue dates only from 1931 (which is curiously enough about the time that Rio natives began taking to the beaches in ...
  • Top 10 best snorkeling locations in Brazil If you bring a mask and snorkel to Brazil, there are always calm coves worth poking around. The warm waters of the Northeast have the best snorkeling. The Coral Coast, which extends from northern Alagaos into southern Pernambuco, offers a 135-kilometer (84-mile) stretch of protected reefs that are ideal for snorkeling. The beaches surrounding São ...
  • Activities in Brazilian nature Bird watching With almost 1800 species of catalogued birds, Brazil is one of the world’s best places for birdwatching. Either in the incredible Amazon forest, Cerrado, Chapada Diamantina or Chapada dos Guimarães, the sky is always colorful with birds of all sizes and colors. Pantanal is another marvelous place. The region is full of water and with ...
  • Golf lessons in Brazil Not many people are aware of the fact that Brazil is slowly but surely becoming quite a popular golf destination. Many people that plan on visiting this country will spend a couple of hours at a golf course having fun and relaxing. The question is where golf players can make the most of their time? ...
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