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Brazil coffee market leader: 3 Corações


American company Sara Lee has been a coffee market leader in Brazil since 2000 when it acquired the popular Pilão and Caboclo brands. This leadership is now threatened by 3 Corações, the merger of Santa Clara and Israeli Strauss-Elite, whose 18.1% market share is coming closer to Sara Lee’s 20.9%, according to Nielsen. Latin-Panel, another research institute, claims that 3 Corações is already ahead with 20.3% of the market against Sara Lee’s 18.6%. Some of the reasons behind this amazing performance are 3 Corações / Santa Clara’s strong presence in the Northeast region of Brazil, one of the most benefited by government social programs, and aggressive sales and marketing in the Southeast region, where São Paulo state alone accounts for more than one third of Brazilian coffee consumption. Third place German Melitta, that is also growing faster than Brazilian consumption, is another factor behind concentration and foreign control of the Brazilian coffee market.
Sources: Valor Econômico and P&A

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