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Top 20 Brazilian cigars


Tobacco is a plant native to the Americas. In the southern regions tobacco of Virginia and Burley varieties is produced for cigarettes and the state of Bahia is known for producing strong and aromatic tobacco for cigars, handmade and considered among the best in the world for good aroma and burning.

Brazilian cigars are typically medium to full-bodied cigars with a mild to medium strength, rich flavor, very aromatic, and with a natural sweetness. Below is a list of Brazilian cigar brands

Alonso Menendez
Alonso Menendez is one of the premium brands made by Menendez Amerino in the state of Bahia, northeast of Brazil. The company is the result of the collaboration between Cuban cigar maker Felix Menendez (who had been involved in the making of famous Cuban brands Montecristo and H. Upmann in the pre-Castro era) and Brazilian tobacco grower Mario Amerino. It is made with leaves grown in the famous region called Mata Fina. Website.
Angelina cigars was created in 2002 by São Paulo businessman Marcelo Ceneviva. The brand has a regular series with six sizes, with highlights like Angelina Exclusivos where the tobacco passes through a third fermentation process making it richer and smoother. A little more body than the regular series is the series “cabinet.” Besides the series mentioned, the brand stands for launching limited editions regularly, where special shapes are created, like Angelina Gran Corona and Angelina Infinitus. Another difference is the availability of shapes in special editions. Remarkable are the Angelina Salomones e Angelina Perfecto.
AquariusAnother creation of Menendez & Amerino and this cigar is ideal for beginners because it has a very mild flavor.
Handmade longfiller produced in Cruz das Almas.
Brasil Autênticos
The Brasil Autênticos cigars are produced by Chaba – Charutos da Bahia. The company was founded in 1998 by Fernando Fraga, a former official of the defunct Suerdieck, in partnership with Roberto Barradas. Available in eight sizes Brasil Autênticos cigars use in their blend mata norte e mata fina tobacco that give a rich flavor and full body. Chaba also produces cigars Don Pepe, for former Suerdieck.
Black & White
Cigars produced by Puros do Brasil in Bahia in a exclusive regime, where the crops are supervised directly by the producer. The only tobacco in Caravelas is Mata Fina grown in the Bahia region and this line features seven cigars in lengths ranging from 5 to 7 inches and ring gauges ranging from 43 to 60.
Damatta is one of the few national brands that has its own plantation of tobacco. The blend is composed of Mata Fina tobacco and Sumatra, with whole leaves rolled by hand. One of the highlights that reflects the unconditional care about quality is that the leaves are aged for about four years, which provides low rates of nicotine and ammonia, without altering the aroma and flavor of the cigar. The quality obtained reflects the emphasis that this line of cigars has achieved in various tastings, invariably reaching for the top spots.
The regular line of cigars Damatta consists of five gauges, three of which, Corona, Robusto and Churchill, are packed in boxes of solid cedar, with 25 cigars. The Robusto and Corona are also offered in versions with seven and three units for travel or gift. The line is available with clear covers (Sumatra) and dark (Mata Fina). The Damatta also features two special gauges: Corona Gorda, which is called Damatta Graduates, and Toscanini.
Cigars produced by Puros do Brasil in Bahia. Containing Mata Fina, and a little Mata Norte making the cigar more full-bodied, spicy, resembling dark chocolate and coffee roasted.
The oldest cigar factory in Brazil. One of the largest tobacco producers in Brazil and with factories in Germany and Switzerland. The cigars manufactured in São Felix – Bahia are excellent, especially the Artist Line.
Dona Ero
Produzed by Josefina tobacco, these cigars are made in Cruz das Almas. They have the largest cigar sold in the market, the Gran Corona with 23.5 cm in length.
Dona Flor
Dona Flor – Another brand produced by Menendez & Amerino, named after the novel by Jorge Amado. One of the best cigars in the line is the Dona Flor Pirâmide with its distinctive shape.
Don Pepe
Launched and produced by former Suerdieck Don Pepe cigars in six shapes are currently produced by Chaba – Charutos da Bahia in Alagoinhas – Bahia
Don Porfírio
This brand, despite using tobacco from Bahia, is being produced in Boituva within the state of Sao Paulo.Responsible for the production is the Cuban Diógenes Puentes who worked long in the La Corona factory in Havana – Cuba.
Don Quixote
Menendez & Amerino, the largest manufacturer of cigars in Brazil, produces among others the brands Dona Flor, Alonso Menendez, Aquarius and Gabriela. Gabriela is named after the character in honor of the writer Jorge Amado, it is produced with selected tobaccos, which gives it a special blend. Furthermore, it is the only in the market that comes individually wrapped in cellophane. Middle ground between cigarettes and cigars, cigarillos are gaining more space between lovers who want to stop smoking cigarettes or are unwilling to pay the high prices of good cigars, becoming the segment of the tobacco industry that most grows today. Gabriela cigarillos are sold in boxes of 50 units in the original versions and chocolate flavor, the latter designed to serve a market that is becoming increasingly important: the feminine.
Josefina Tabacos do Brasil was created by a woman in Cruz das Almas, in January 2001. The company name and brand of cigars is a tribute to the founder’s grandmother.
Josefina cigars have a pleasant taste and aroma, suitable for those who are beginners. Can be found in five shapes: Churchill (16.5 cm long and 2.0 cm in diameter), Torpedo (15.5 cm x 2.0 cm), Corona (13.5 cm x 1.7 cm) Corona Gorda (14.0 cm x 1.9 cm) and Robust (12.5 cm x 2.0), in boxes of 25. All formats are designed with Arapiraca tobacco and may have a clear cover (Sumatra) and dark hood (Arapiraca).
Le Cigar
Manufatura Tabaqueira LeCigar Ltda. is considered one of the best national brands and has only four formats, Lonsdale, Corona, Panatela and Robust and can be found in dark skin (mata fina) and clear cover (Sumatra).
Arend Becker is the companies master blender, and a man who has been raised with tobacco in his blood. His father is Johan Becker, an immigrant from Bremen in the 20´s who began a tobacco export business in Brazil. Becker started in 1964 with a traditional tobacco export company, Matas da Bahia Ltda, at Cruz da Almas. In the mid 80’s Arend and his father began making cigars for other companies, and in 1997 Arend created his own label. Le Cigar was born.
Today, Le Cigar is operated by Ricardo Becker, and the tradition of fine, quality cigars continues.
Le cigar offers a complete line of cigars and is a top recommendation for true cigar enthusiasts.
Leite e Alves
The origin of the Leite e Alves company is the continuation of the Imperial and old company of  São Domingos, founded in 1881.
The Premium line is composed of the following cigars: Robusto, Corona, Toro, Panetela, Churchill and Double Corona. It is characterized by the highest quality products that are rigorously selected from tabacco from the Bahian Recôncavo. By preserving entire leaves of the noblest species, these cigars offer the opportunity to fully appreciate the flavor of the tobacco in their most natural form.
Made by the same manufacturer of Dona Flor, a cigar is made with pieces of leaf (medium fller), comes in packs of 16 units. Designed to be a good option for day to day.
Monte Pascoal
The Monte Pascoal from Tobacos Mata Fina Litda, launched in 2007, is owned by the Orsi Family Group. Orsi bought the Brazilian factory that once produced Caravelas cigars.
Monte Pascoal is constructed almost entirely from mata fina tobaccos with some mata norte mixed in the filler to provide power. It has a profile all its own, and one that’s sure to please cigar enthusiasts who are looking for something a little different.
MR Charutos
MR Charutos is the creation of Marcus Roberto D Santos, and are from the city of Cruz das Almas. A recommended cigar for those who want the experience  of a super premium cigar for a great price that won’t take a bite out of your wallet. MR Charutos are available in Corona, Robusto, Churchill, and Torpedo.  A fine line of Cigarillos are available as well.
Cigarillos from the famous Brazilian factory of Chaba Charutos da Bahia.
This cigar factory was founded by former employees of Suerdieck, descendants of earlier European immigrants who came to Brazil in 1920 to implement the tobacco crop.
The brand name is a tribute to Maria Quitéria, a patron of the Brazilian army.
Produced in Cruz das Almas by Luis Carlos Sandes. The Sandes brand was launched with the goal of producing one of the best domestic cigars. They are available in Robusto, Corona, Corona Gordo, and Petit Robusto.  Produced under several brands, as the Sandes, the African and San Filippo.
Sandes produces  good handmade cigars and cigarillos, the type of long and short filler. In versions of light and dark skin. The cigars with clear skin are mild , pleasant and balanced, while the cigars with a dark skin are full-bodied.
The name refers to one of three indigenous tribes that inhabited the island of Cuba for nearly 6000 years ago. Siboney cigars are produced by Erádio Perez, a Cuban living in Brazil, who developed a blend especially for the Brazilian fans, using tobacco imported from Cuba and Mexico. Available in 6 shapes, with covers of light and dark, Siboney stands out by being produced in the Cuban tradition. Another curious aspect is the fact that it is a cigar made in Brazil but using imported tobacco. The company Nativo Del Caribe that produces Siboney is located in Itatiba, São Paulo.
Terra de Vera Cruz
Cigar from Cruz das Almas. A great value for money.  Mata Fina of the best quality with option to cover with clear or dark Sumatra.

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  1. I used to smoke Dannemann Valencia cigars in the 70s. They are a dry cigar small in diameter about 6 in Long tapered and came in like a cedar box. I also smoked Raynitas they came in a pack of 10, 100 in a box. Are these cigars still available?

  2. Glad to have found this website

  3. Joseph raicsics


    Wish to find out if the brand still exists years ago I bought suerdieck valencia cigars…… came ten in a metal box in boston mass cigar store .

  4. Wayne Phillips


    are Suerdick Bahia hand rolled cabilleros cigars available anywhere or have they stopped making them like I was told?

  5. I have smoked all of them and I can say with confidence that there are incredible Brazilian cigars, my favorite being the Caravelas (best I ever had around the world, including cubans).

    Monte Pascoal is awesome, specially the double coronas. Dona Flor is brilliant, my second favorite. Comparable to top cuban cigars guaranteed. Dannemann is also great, along side with Alonso Menendez. The rest of them are crap and I don’t recommend to anyone, specially Gabriella, those are some of the worst I ever tasted.

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    As an update to the listing:
    Unfortunately Le Cigar no longer excists.

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