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Top 10 Brazilian snacks: Salgadinhos


Salgadinhos are small snacks with a savory filling, found in nearly all lanchonetes and padarias in Brazil. Brazilians eat it at any time of the day and salgadinhos are very popular at parties.

A banana-leaf-steamed Acaraje.
Black-eye pea cake deep fried in palm oil, then filled with dried shrimp topped with coconut, cashews, garlic, more shrimp and hot pepper sauce.
Bolinho de Bacalhau
Cod fish cake in ball format.
Bolinho de Aipim
Deep-fried cassava dough with a ground beef center.
Bolinho de Estudante
A dry tapioca pressed into shape, grilled then rolled in cinamon sugar.
Cachorro Quente
A variation of the hotdog: bread, hot dog link, tomato paste with onions and peppers, then optionals: corn, string potatoes, parmesan.
Deep fried dough filled with doce de leite. Then rolled in cinnamon sugar.
Spiced chicken rolled in manioc dough and then fried. There is also version with a drumstick.
Empada or empadinha is a small pie, which has various fillings such as carne (meat), palmito (palm heart), cheese and camarao (shrimp)
A tri-folded pizza of Arabic origin – savory pastry stuffed with spiced meat
Misto Quente
Ham and cheese sandwich, made with stringy mozzarella.
Arabic snack made from deep fried whole-wheat surrounding a spicy ground beef center.
Pao de Queijo
Savory cheese puffs that goes perfectly with coffee.
Pastel de Carne
Fried, filled pasty.
Pastel de Forno
Oven baked folded pie with various flavor fillings.
Double cheeseburger with: bacon, fried egg, sausage, pulled chicken, string potatoes, etc.


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