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Brasil is the world champion social networking1 on Orkut, Facebook, Windows Live and Twitter. Orkut is likely the best way to chat with Brazilians.
Surprisingly we found that a lot of classic chat boxes are still around. See a list below.

If you are new to using chat boxes, read the article  Getting Started with Chat Rooms on How stuff works.

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Gay chat boxes – The favorite sites for Brazilians gay. The site has a version in English as well. – Hosts rooms for both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro gay communities.  Easy to access and widely known in Brazil. – One is one of the largest internet portals in Brazil and a pioneer too. Here you will find dozens of chat rooms dedicated to gay, lesbian and the likes.  While you must find no problems to meet English speaking guys, all of them will understand Español.

Learn another language
Chat box for people who want to learn another language: Lingomigo

Portuguese – English translations
Because of its flexibility, the general overall quality of the translations it provides, and the fact that there is constant improvement, we recommend Google Translate as the best free online Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese translator available on the Internet today. The quality of Google Translate’s Portuguese to English translations would appear to be as good (if not better) than many commercially available translation software products on the market today. The quality of Google Translate’s English to Portuguese translations is not as good, however, the same can be said of numerous commercially available translation software products.

1 Comunica Geral [pt] reports that a Unisys-led study has shown Brazilians beat the rest of the world in social networking. 19% of Brazilians said they access social networking websites at least once a day for work-related reasons, compared to 3% of Americans, 7% of Europeans and 5% of respondents from Australia and New Zealand. 20% use Twitter for business and personal means, while in the US, Europe and Australasia this figure is just 3%.

  • Brazilian nicknames If you are introduced to Brazilians in a bar, most names seem familiar. But sometimes you would not be able to repeat what you just heard. And probably you would spell it wrong, because parents tend to be very creative with spelling as well. If parents hear the famous song of Michael Jackson, they may decide ...
  • Ten reasons why we love living in Brazil Brazilians want to be proud of their country, and these days it is difficult for them. Facebook is showing their frustrations, often with humor. I remember having a tv interview and the girl kept trying to put words in my mouth. She wanted some stereotypical answers why I like Brazilians and Brazil. But it is not that ...
  • Top 10 Brazilian beaches Brazil boasts close to 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles) of coastline and more than 2.000 beautiful Atlantic beaches, most of them lying beneath palm trees in the tropics. Including Praia do Cassino (Rio Grande – RS), according Guiness Book of Records the worlds largest beach. To make a top 10 list of the most beautiful Brazilian beaches Though ...
  • Top 10 female celebrities Top 10 famous and sexy women, selected by using the following criteria: 1. Fame and achievement in performance-related career. 2. Considered very attractive by Brazilian men. Novela A (tele)novela is a limited-run serial dramatic programming popular in Latin American, Portuguese, and Spanish television programming. The word combines tele, short for televisión or televisão (Spanish and Portuguese words ...
  • Top 10 Brazilian cocktails A Batida is a mix of cachaça, fruit, ice and lots of sugar, and a favorite in the kiosks that line the Brazilian coast.
  • Top 10 Brazilian snacks: Salgadinhos Salgadinhos are small snacks with a savory filling, found in nearly all lanchonetes and padarias in Brazil. Brazilians eat it at any time of the day and salgadinhos are very popular at parties. Abara A banana-leaf-steamed Acaraje. Acaraje Black-eye pea cake deep fried in palm oil, then filled with dried shrimp topped with coconut, cashews, garlic, more shrimp and ...
  • Top 20 Brazilian cigars Bahia is known for producing strong and aromatic tobacco for cigars, handmade and considered among the best in the world for good aroma and burning.
  • Caipirinha The name caipirinha (pronounced => kai-pee-reen-yah –– with the r slightly trilled) is derived from the Portuguese word caipira (hick, hayseed, country bumpkin, rube, etc.––essentially a Li’l Abner type) coupled with the -inha suffix (a diminutive denoting little or small) and can be variously translated as little hick, little hayseed, little country bumpkin, little rube, ...
  • Top 10 Brazil Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures No reason to stick to the classic destinations. If you have a little more time to spare on your Brazilian holiday, there is much more to see and do. 1 Ride an Amazon River Steamer If Mark Twain were still around he’d feel right at home on an all-wood triple-decker Amazon riverboat. For everyone else, it’s a ...
  • Top 10 Brazil Classic Adventures 1 Hike Rio’s Hunchback Rio’s most famous landmark is without a doubt the statue of Christ the Redeemer, standing with arms outstretched looking down from the Corcovado at the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. The statue dates only from 1931 (which is curiously enough about the time that Rio natives began taking to the beaches in ...
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